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Power transmission specialist

Expertise for our customers

Customised solutions suited to our customers' needs, constraints, and goals

Technical expertise

Workshops and assembly centres

  • Motor and gearmotor assembly centre: more than 3,000 systems per year

  • Pneumatics: distribution blocks, pneumatic boxes

  • Assembly of pipes and hoses

  • Hydraulics: plant and unit

Customised products

  • Machining and cutting to length of guide shafts and rails

  • Synchronous belt cutting

  • Gasket cutting

Mechanical seals reparing
Optimisation solutions: lubrication systems, energy saving,…
Sourcing of non-recurrent specific items
Preventive and conditional maintenance

Logistics expertise

Securing procurement

  • Dedicated stock

  • Consigned stock

  • Standard next-day delivery

  • Technical support 24/7

  • Stock audits, inventory turnover analysis

  • Standardisation, deduplication



From our database containing 500,000+ references


  • E-catalogues (file following the customer's template)

  • Punchout

  • Marketplaces: Ariba, Perfect Commerce, Wallmedien/Meplato, Hubwoo, Ivalua

  • E-commerce website: from viewing prices and contractual delays to credit card online payment

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