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Power transmission specialist

Key accounts


Some multi-site industrialists want to globalise their MRO procurement to a regional, national or european level, in line with their own organisation and their own performance objectives. 
Our organisation enables us to give a customised response and to ensure the effectiveness of the actions implemented in partnership with the customer. 

Improvement plans to reach performance objectives

Our proven methodology, our tools, and our experience can:

  • Decrease acquisition and ownership costs

  • Improve maintenance and and production processes 

All the while

  • Optimising machine availability 

  • Securing procurement

Measured commitment: dedicated indicators and reporting tools
  • Level of commitment and indicators validated with the customer
  • Online monitoring and reporting tool
Our key elements of success:
One dedicated core team
One single point of contact in charge of negotiations, implementation management, and responsible for the application of the contract. 
Local teams ensuring the implementation
More than 600 local contacts are based in our proximity branches. They ensure the implementation of the contract  and make sure the sites are satisfied as per the  priorities set by the contract's framework. Our branches often have an existing history with the site, which facilitates the involvement in the contrat and the partnership developement.
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