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Power transmission specialist

The advantage of difference: a unique organisation

As the French leader of power transmission, FAIR devotes all of its human resources and all of its investments to its core specialist profession.

Being a voluntary and successful alliance of independent regional suppliers, FAIR exists for and through its members, who are actors of their own development, thanks to a proven transversal organisation.

FAIR members are local interlocutors as well as flexible and very reactive small businesses. They bring a customised answer suited to local needs in a coherent national framework. The members thus constitute the only real homogeneous network, and have precise knowledge of the local industrial base.

All members are historically established, and have strong industrial values and culture. Their measures stand the test of time and they develop strong partnerships with their customers and suppliers.

Key figures

7 business owners associated since 1933

Independent family companies


81 branches throughout France


409 million euros turnover

60 million euros in stock value

More than 1,200 associates

More than 50,000 customers

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Groupe FAIR is the first transmission stockist in France. Stocks are adapted to suit regional customers.
Carte FAIR bleu sans noms 141022.png

A group of specialists

A business: power transmission
Specialised and reactive associates
The largest range on the market
Products available from stock

Customised technical and logistical solutions
The skills to propose and implement improvement plans


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